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Standa's History

Arriving in Canada in 1955, Emanuel Gracioppo, founder of Standa, was on a mission. His vision was to provide immigrants, like himself, with the basic items they needed at low prices.

In 1962, Standa was established on Fleury occupying 1,000 square feet. At the time, this was enough space to sell the essentials: linens, clothing and household goods. With time and the increase of the surrounding population, Standa moved to a larger location across the street occupying 8,000 square feet. Expanding the products lines allowed to better cater to the diverse needs of his clientele.

In December 2008, Standa underwent yet another expansion and decided to renovate the store both inside and out. Furniture and home decor were added to the product mix. While Standa is aesthetically different, it still thrives on the same principle of offering great selection at great prices.